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It is the goal of Clear Mandate to invest in people and the communities they live in.


Clear Mandate International is a non-profit charitable organization that is organized to provide assistance to those in need within the limits of available resources. Clear Mandate strives to attend to the problems of hunger, poverty, illiteracy, and disease in the global community. The organization also caters to the support and welfare individuals needing help, including recent legal immigrants and refugees into the United States. It will support educational activities. If you wonder why Clear Mandate was formed when there are myriads of other non-profit organizations, the reason is the unique niche of Clear Mandate is reaching the poorest and isolated rural areas in Africa, the Americas, and the Caribbean. In addition to providing food and other needs where there is immediate need to stave off starvation, Clear Mandate works with entire communities to educate them and show them how to become self reliant and subsistent through local food production and meeting health needs. Problems and issues that local communities face such as illiteracy, poverty, hunger, health-problems, and sanitation are all interconnected and as such, the problems cannot be solved in isolation.

It is the goal of Clear Mandate to invest in people and the communities they live in by providing training and literacy programs to them and also to work with them to develop transformative and sustainable solutions through agriculture, literacy, water, and health programs. In its efforts to better serve communities, Clear Mandate officials gather necessary information from community members to enable the understand the unique needs of the community, to enable the organization to develop solutions that integrate community involvement with outside support, equip the locals with essential skills and confidence, in a bid to develop a lasting solution.

The work of the organization is based on Christian principles of attending to those in need and extending compassion to those that seek help. The scope of its activities is global in nature, with a Christian world view, and as such will seek to meet needs in different regions of the world.







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